Original Apple HomePod for iPod

Let your ears be the judge. From pumping bass to bright treble, iPod Hi-Fi delivers natural, room-filling sound. Close your eyes and you’d think you were listening to an amazing component system. Open them and you realize all that great sound is coming from a relatively small and portable box. Use it at home or at a picnic because iPod HiFi works either from household AC current or batteries. Apple designed it to be the ultimate in iPod friendliness. The dock has adapters to fit all dockable iPods. Then there’s a mini plug for non-dockable models such as the shuffle. Use the included Apple Remote to control music playback from anywhere in a room. iPod Hi-Fi combines power and volume with acoustic clarity to produce clean, clear sound with very little distortion, even at high volume. Ultimately, like all iPods, there’s are high levels of integrity and quality that reach out to people of all tastes and backgrounds. HiFi is a state of outstanding sound that you can listen and share. iPod represents easy use and world-class performance. Put them together and you’ve transcended to a new reality. And it’s portable so you can take it with you. Make your life HiFi. Two 80-mm wide-range speakers and One 130-mm bass driver Unit Dimensions – Height – 6.6 inches (167.6 mm) x Width – 17.0 inches (431.8 mm) x Depth (including grille) – 6.9 inches (175.3 mm) / Unit Weight (without batteries) – 14.5 pounds (6.6 kg) / Weight (with batteries) – 16.7 pounds (7.6 kg)

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