Electric Disco: Beats

Live percussion and live hi hats on every track ensure this feels just right with the core sounds bang-on for clubs, streaming and radio. Immaculate claps, powerful and tight kicks and genre-perfect snares make this a release you simply cannot afford to miss.

This pack’s 14 drum stems sets were lovingly produced, arranged and mixed at F9’s infamous hybrid hardware/software studio and presented perfectly in DAW or WAV stem formats. Everything has been separated and hits the mix bus just right so you start from a decent operating level with no over-normalisation.

The kicks are deep and powerful but not overpowering, the snares hit the speakers perfectly, every track has a live hi-hat recording for its duration, and the live claps took 2 weeks to perfect. Then we hit the percussion ( pun intended ). Each stem-set contains various sections of drops, breaks and rises and we’ve picked these out by changing up the percussion parts, generating a huge amount of variety, groove and possibilities.

But obviously, this is F9, so we didn’t stop there. Every part has been expertly chopped into 550+ loops that will tempo-sync perfectly. A collection of over 600 Production-ready one shot sounds tops this collection of perfectly All of this left UK DJ legend Artwork to message and say

It’s Just Incredible” & “Mind-blowing

One of the most requested sounds at F9 has been the 70s synth toms heard all over late 70’s disco. We have created 4, fully multi-sampled 4-way round-robin patches using an ARP 2600. To top the instruments off, we have created a 5-piece Simmons SDS kit ( Kick, snare, 3 toms ) sampled from an original SDS8. This patch is 8-way round-robin.

Made with love for the funk and the disco in Brighton, UK
James Wiltshire – F9 Audio / Freemasons ( artists )


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