Dance Fever City – Mentirosa / Is it good to you?

Sound Clip: Mellow Man Ace and Heavy D..

Music that made you dance on the dance floor.. When life was simple.. enjoy..
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Dance Fever City focused on music-dance that spotlights music for attending dancers to dance to. The show has performances by musicians and artists.

Some lyrics to Mellow Man Ace / Mentirosa..

[Verse 3]
Un día estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone
Recogiste y dijiste
(Call me back. I’m not alone!)
El quería tu dirección, yeah just your address
Y antes que colgaste I heard you say
(I’ll wear a dress)
“¡Ay, alabao, que descarada!” is what ran through my mind
So I say, “Let’s go out tonight.” She said
(We go out all time)
¡Alabao, man!
Ella no sabía that, yo, I knew her plan
De que iba a salir with that other man
So I told the girl in Spanish, I said “Hey, ya me voy.”
(Pero ¿por qué?)
‘Cause you ain’t treating me like I’m some sucker toy
‘Cause who needs you anyways
(I need you!)
Con tu lengua venenosa?
(No te vayas, Mellow! No te vayas! Yo te necesito!)
Today you tell me something, y mañana es otra cosa
(Tsk! But?!)

[Outro: Band]
Ain’t got nobody…

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