Slim Leather Minimalist Wallet

Made from top grade Elastic, Nylon & Eco Leather this slim minimalist card holder wallet, is both stylish and well built. Because we use no chemicals to create it, you can carry up to TEN cards and cash without worrying about your health.

Built to Last
Huskk products are designed to be both attractive and long-lasting. Our focus on classic British Craftsmanship, combined with a little bit of modern-day swag helps us deliver beautiful accessories that last.

One of our HUSKK design team members once noticed a person on the bus using a fairly wide elasic band (the one we use in offices) to keep his cards, bus ticket and few bills tight together. Although it seemed like a good idea for someone who prefers a minimalistic lifestyle; an elastic band is not a convinient or practical way to carry around your vaulabe cards. Our design team took inspiration from that and after many prototypes finally came up with the current unique design we have.

Slim Enough to Carry Anywhere
Bulky wallets be gone! Our 0.3-ounce card sleeve wallet is both lightweight and small. Easily store your wallet in your slim-fitting jeans or even a front pocket. With a wallet so tiny, you may even forget it is there.

Fashion and Function
Huskk prides itself on its elegant products that combine high-quality materials, with intelligent functionality. Our card sleeve wallet is designed to look good, while also keeping your necessities close at hand.
Designed for Men and Women
Available in two colors, the slim elastic wallet is suitable for men and women. Choose your favorite, then stash it in your pocket or purse. Its slim design makes it ready to go, no matter the occasion.

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