Mojito’s never order them at a BAR!

The Mojito is the Devil’s gift to bartenders.

Some bartenders consider the Mojito a Devil’s drink request.. only in BARS.. yes order them at a Restaurants that server liquor and vegetables or High End Lounge that offer a food menu.. maybe…
Nightclubs Forget IT!

FYI: Mojito’s are made with fresh mint, white rum, lime, seltzer and a bartender’s sweat and tears, this refreshingly effervescent mess is the worst cocktail you could ever order at a bar.
And though he or she may smile while they muddle, your bartender secretly hates you for ordering one. As a bartender myself, I count myself among the antiMojitoites. Here’s why. I can make 5 Adois Mother Fuckers in the time it takes me to make one Mojito.

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